Measures W 9" x H 10"

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A desing to celebrate 2012 in the mayan cosmogony. The mayan world has no end date, only new cycles and beginings. The mayan sacred symbols tell the secret of times…Man and nature sharing the same path, learning drom each other, growing together…Searching for wisdom in the cross of the corn making the place where heaven and the undeworld converge with the land of the living...It is here where the Jaguar guards the Lords of the Night and the Quetzal greets the Lords of the Day... The balance of the opposites that allows us to descend to the depths of our own being to delet the error and transform it into light... All under the discreet presence of the death watching over life while we walk through that infinite cycle... 2012 is the opportunity to be born again to life anew and live it in harmony...

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Color Brown